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The North Kings GSA, as described in its Joint Powers Agreement (Section 3.01), is governed by a seven member Board of Directors that include Members, Contracting Entities and Interested Parties. Directors are elected officials who have been appointed to serve on the Authority’s Board of Directors by their respective boards, councils or commissions, or are the authorized representative of a Member, Contracting Entity or Interested Party.

To provide a balance of perspective, the Board is segmented across agricultural, city, county, small communities, Contracting Entities, and Interested Parties. It includes four seats held exclusively by the City of Clovis, City of Fresno, Fresno County and Fresno Irrigation District Board. Two seats are shared and one is appointed by the Board from municipal/industrial Members, Contracting Entities or Interested Parties not currently serving on the board. All terms are for a period of two years, with terms for the four exclusive seats starting with a three-year term.

North Kings GSA Seat Assignments

  1. Fresno Irrigation District
  2. Garfield Water District, International Water District, and Fresno Irrigation District
  3. Bakman Water Co., Biola Community Services District, City of Kerman, Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District
  4. City of Clovis
  5. City of Fresno
  6. County of Fresno
  7. At-Large

Board of Directors Biographies

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