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Board of Directors Approves New Minimum Well Depth Construction Policy

The North Kings GSA Board of Directors unanimously passed a Minimum Well Depth Construction Policy (NKGSA 2024-001) establishing minimum well depth standards for new well construction. The policy was presented to the North Kings GSA Board of Directors at the February 22 meeting after passing through the Advisory Committee, Technical Workgroup, and legal counsel.

The policy was created to be a safeguard and protect well owners from drilling shallow wells that could go dry. The North Kings GSA anticipates that groundwater levels will decline before they stabilize, so this policy is necessary to ensure new wells are protected until groundwater sustainability is achieved.

The GSA does not foresee this affecting new wells drilled since the Governor’s Executive Order N-7-22 was signed in March of 2022 because the Order established a new process for well review and the North Kings GSA is reviewing the total well depth prior to providing approval.  Minimum thresholds are defined groundwater depths set throughout the GSA – they define the lowest level groundwater can reach before being considered unsustainable. The Minimum Well Depth Construction Policy is another formal step by the North Kings GSA to take these groundwater elevations into consideration.

The policy states that new wells should be constructed to an adequate depth below Minimum Thresholds set by the GSA, which vary by location from approximately 30 feet to 230 feet below ground surface. During the well review process, the GSA will verify that landowners are drilling their wells to the proper depth based on location, while adhering to local and state well depth requirements. North Kings GSA will also post well depth information on

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