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Groundwater Sustainability Plan feedback anticipated from Department of Water Resources this December

The Kings Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies anticipate feedback on Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) submitted to the Department of Water Resources (DWR) will be provided this December. According to the SGMA timeline, DWR has two years from the January 31, 2020 GSP submittal deadline to review and provide feedback on the plans, putting their target date ahead of schedule.

Although DWR anticipated its next round of feedback to be released in October, staff indicated basins with multiple GSPs like the Kings would come last. GSAs were required to begin implementation of their GSPs immediately following submittal in January of 2020 ahead of official review and feedback.

DWR may assign GSPs a “grade” of approved, incomplete, or inadequate. Approved means the GSP substantially complies with the regulations and objectives of SGMA, although an approved plan may still come with recommended corrective actions. An incomplete GSP requires corrective actions on minor deficiencies, and a GSA has 180 days to address the deficiencies with revisions. Inadequate pans will require GSAs to consult with DWR and the State Water Resources Control Board, the enforcement agency that serves as the “backstop” for SGMA, intervening in the case of failed local efforts.

The North Kings GSA is confident in the transparent and thorough work to develop its GSP, and is prepared to handle any and all feedback from DWR with the same level of diligence. To review the GSP submitted to DWR, visit the webpage here.  

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