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Grower’s Corner: John Coelho and John Coelho, Jr.

Passing smart irrigation on to the next generation

Featuring John Coelho and John Coelho, Jr.

Legacy is a pillar upholding many farming communities. For the Coelhos, sustainable water use has paved the way for the next generation of farming.

“It does make me proud to see my children working with me,” John Coelho said.

John says equipping the next generation with the tools they need to succeed is critical to sustainability. His son, John Coelho, Jr., works alongside his father in their farming operations.

“It’s important to help the next generation by teaching them to conserve water,” John said.

John Jr.’s idea of legacy includes passing the same opportunities down to his own children.

Annual water runs by the Fresno Irrigation District help North Kings GSA growers maintain flexible irrigation practices. Using available surface water is key to efficient irrigation practices. John says it’s critical to maximize surface water and save groundwater pumping for emergencies.

Helping the next generation save water by using available surface water and drip irrigation during dry months is vital for achieving groundwater sustainability for generations to come.  

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