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Kings Subbasin continues highly coordinated effort to revise GSPs to address corrective actions ahead of January 2025 update

The North Kings GSA continues to revise its Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) in a highly coordinated effort with the six other Kings Subbasin GSAs, focusing on addressing the 12 corrective actions from CA Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The Kings Subbasin is coordinating to address all corrective actions and submit revised GSPs to CA DWR by the next key Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) milestone – the January 2025 GSP update. Addressing these actions by the January 2025 update is crucial to keep the approval of the GSPs granted in 2023 by DWR.

Major efforts are underway to implement the Domestic Well Mitigation Program, with the Kings Subbasin GSAs preparing to launch the program on October 1, 2024. Each GSA’s Board is undergoing the adoption of the program policy and rules and regulations, with the plan to have these established by August 2024.

As part of revisions, the Kings Subbasin must also complete an interconnected surface water study to address data gaps in its GSPs. The Kings Subbasin continues to coordinate with the Madera Subbasin, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Friant Water Authority to collect the data needed to complete the interconnected surface water study. Latest efforts include a memorandum of understanding to document the current efforts and willingness to continue to work together.

The Kings Subbasin is also coordinating on a water allocation framework, and ongoing discussions at the monthly Kings coordination group are taking place. This framework will establish the criteria and methodology for future water allocations across the Subbasin. Although each GSA will implement an allocation system at its own pace, with its own varying levels of allocated volumes, a coordinated methodology will ensure consistencies exist across GSA boundaries.   

The Kings Subbasin is committed to finalizing GSP revisions by the January 2025 update and values stakeholder input. The Subbasin anticipates completing GSP revisions by early October, with a public comment period open through mid-November. Following the public comment period, the GSAs Boards of Directors will approve the GSPs before submitting the updated versions to DWR in January 2025.

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