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Kings Subbasin finalizing Well Mitigation Program with a goal to launch October 1, 2024

The seven Kings Subbasin groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) including North Kings are working together to finalize a domestic Well Mitigation Program, one of the key corrective actions required by the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) in its review of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) (review the determination letter here).

The Well Mitigation Program addresses impacts to domestic wells (drinking water wells) resulting from groundwater overdraft and declining groundwater levels. The program establishes a funding mechanism and procedure to support shallow wells that go dry due to lowering groundwater levels, ensuring the North Kings GSA responds to groundwater level decline impacts defined as “significant and unreasonable” by DWR.

The development of the Well Mitigation Program is a highly coordinated effort between the North Kings GSA and the six other GSAs in the Kings Subbasin. As a unified initiative, the Kings Subbasin is working to establish a program with a consistent framework, or plan foundation, across all seven GSAs.

The Kings Subbasin is working to implement the Well Mitigation Program before resubmitting its GSPs for the 2025 update to the CA DWR.  The Kings Subbasin hopes to launch the Well Mitigation Program by October 1, 2024.

In April, the Kings Subbasin completed a draft of the domestic Well Mitigation Program guidelines and Rules and Regulations. These drafts are being reviewed by each GSA’s Board of Directors for approval. All seven Kings Subbasin GSAs are considering adoption of a policy and Rules and Regulations before July 2024.

The North Kings GSA’s  Technical Workgroup is drafting a Well Mitigation Program Policy for consideration by the Board of Directors. The policy, which establishes the North Kings GSA commitment to implement a domestic well mitigation program in accordance with the Kings Subbasin Rules and Regulations for well mitigation, will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee before it is presented to the Board for adoption in June 2024.

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