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Kings Subbasin receives GSP approval from Department of Water Resources

The North Kings GSA  is pleased to announce that the seven Kings Subbasin GSAs have received an official approval determination from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for their revised Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). The approval was received from DWR on August 4th. The GSPs were revised and submitted to address deficiencies following DWR’s incomplete determination issued in January 2022.

GSP approval is a significant milestone in the journey toward groundwater sustainability as it means the North Kings GSA can continue to locally carry out sustainability efforts. In March, the Kings Subbasin GSPs received a recommendation for approval, but the official determination allows the Kings Subbasin GSAs to proceed with work outlined in their revised GSPs, including a well mitigation program and a study to help fill data gaps on interconnected streams. The addition of these actions, among others, contributes directly to the approval.

The determination letter outlines 12 corrective actions that the Kings Subbasin GSAs needs to address to maintain approval and proceed with the implementation of its GSPs. These corrective actions will be addressed with a high level of coordination between the North Kings GSA and the other six Kings Subbasin GSAs. The North Kings GSA has already taken steps to address some of these actions and is currently refining the language in its GSP for better clarity. Addressing these recommended corrective actions holds significance as it will showcase the Kings Subbasin GSAs’ ongoing commitment to achieving its sustainability goal through the implementation of its GSPs.

The Kings Subbasin GSAs are taking proactive measures and have requested to meet with DWR in September to ensure the suitability of the approach to addressing these corrective actions. During the meeting, the Kings Subbasin GSAs will have the opportunity to discuss questions and receive clarification before it proceeds.

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