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Latest storm not enough to move the needle on water supply

Despite the recent late October storm, water supply for the Kings River region remains dry. Although northern California experienced high levels of precipitation, the Fresno region saw high variation in rainfall, between 0.75” and 1.25”. No east side and/or urban runoff in Fresno Irrigation District canals west of Freeway 99 was observed.

The Kings River saw 23.5% of average runoff, the third lowest on record. Average runoff is 1,680,000 acre-feet. This year runoff totaled 395,000 acre feet.

Despite dry conditions, the North Kings GSA and its subbasin partners are ready for when heavy storms return to the area. With 600 acres of dedicated recharge basins constructed or in development, the region is arming itself with water storage to capture flows during wet years.

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