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North Kings GSA Board announces 2023 call for projects schedule 

Each year the Board approves an updated project list to reflect the latest progress toward groundwater sustainability. The project list shows North Kings GSA member agencies’ commitment to completing groundwater-related projects and mitigating the groundwater overdraft occurring within their boundaries. 

The North Kings GSA sent out the first solicitation announcing the call for projects for member agencies on May 12th.  

The project submittal deadline for potential projects is June 2nd. The North Kings GSA project workgroup will evaluate potential projects for inclusion on the project list between June 5th and June 8th. The evaluation process includes verifying the quantified benefit of the project, verifying the timeline, and following up with the individual agencies to answer any questions.  

On June 9th, the Advisory Committee will provide a list of recommended changes to the project list.  

By keeping the project list up to date, the North Kings GSA is better positioned to meet requirements for future grant opportunities.  

The Board will consider approval of the recommended projects and projects added at the June 22nd Board Meeting. 

You can view the current project list on the North Kings GSA website here

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