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North Kings GSA Executive Officer Kassy Chauhan’s Panel Contributions: Successful SGMA Coordination and Path to Sustainability

In September, North Kings GSA Executive Officer Kassy Chauhan contributed to multiple panel discussions focused on coordinating efforts under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Kassy’s engagement extended to the American Planning Association (APA) California 2023 Conference, “Planning at the Crossroads,” where she played a pivotal role. Within the panel discussion, she shared valuable insights regarding SGMA coordination, emphasizing the challenges involved with navigating multiple layers of government and agencies. Specifically, Kassy highlighted the commendable efforts of the Kings Subbasin, showcasing how the successful coordination resulted in the approval of the Subbasin’s Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs).

Kassy also played a key role in a panel at the Public Policy Institute of California’s “Managing Water and Farmland Transitions in the San Joaquin Valley” event focused on the importance of achieving groundwater sustainability for communities in the San Joaquin Valley. During the panel, Kassy provided insights spanning multiple topics including the recent GSP approval, the significance of the historic year and opportunities for recharge, and the pivotal role of stakeholder engagement and outreach in creating long-lasting solutions, among other subjects.

If you are part of a group, organization, or committee interested in learning more about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and its impacts on growers, community and city residents, rural residents, and other stakeholders, contact the North Kings GSA to request a presentation or panel participation! You can contact us on the form here, or by calling 559-233-7161.

Kassy Chauhan at the APA California 2023 Conference SGMA Roundtable panel.

Kassy Chauhan with the PPIC Managing Water in the SGMA Era panelists.

Kassy Chauhan at the PPIC Managing Water in the SGMA Era panel discussion.

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