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North Kings GSA seeks improvements to well monitoring network

The North Kings GSA is seeking improvements to its well monitoring network to allow for more robust data collection. The well monitoring network helps the North Kings GSA understand groundwater levels within its boundaries, but because of accessibility issues hindering data collection on some existing wells in the network, North Kings GSA believes improvements will increase data strength and reliability.

The technical workgroup discussed two solutions for improving the network, which included adding data loggers and telemetry to all monitoring wells, or installing 48 new dedicated wells for the monitoring network. Adding data loggers and telemetry would allow for more frequent data collection, while adding more wells would increase data reliability since current monitoring wells are agricultural production wells. Before making a decision, the North Kings GSA is considering the feasibility and longevity of both solutions.

The North Kings GSA has the cash reserves to accommodate adding data loggers and telemetry to existing wells, but will require funding for drilling new monitoring wells. Drilling new wells is a long-term solution, although more expensive. To distribute costs over time, the GSA would spread out drilling the new monitoring wells over the next three to five years.

The proposal detailing these solutions will be presented to the Advisory Committee and Board of Directors for approval at their February meetings.

To comply with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) the Department of Water Resources (DWR) requires North Kings GSA to report its progress toward groundwater sustainability annually. Well monitoring network data is a critical piece of that reporting.

The North Kings GSA works diligently to ensure progress toward groundwater sustainability stays in local hands, fueling the commitment to acquire more robust data to report its sustainability efforts.

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