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Technical Workgroup serves as important venue for North Kings GSA Groundwater Sustainability Plan revisions

The North Kings GSA has convened a Technical Workgroup to assist with Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) revisions following the incomplete determination given by the Department of Water Resources (DWR) in January 2022.

As with many of the GSPs across the State and all in the San Joaquin Valley, the North Kings GSA’s GSP was determined to be incomplete requiring revisions within 180 days.

DWR’s comments will be addressed through a coordinated effort among the Kings Subbasin’s seven GSAs before running through the individual GSA’s process for changing the GSPs. In the North Kings GSA, this means the coordinated group’s proposed edits will come before the Technical Workgroup for review.

DWR’s comments identify deficiencies on the thresholds set for groundwater levels, land subsidence, water quality and interconnected streams. The items identified will be critically reviewed and/or further clarified over the revision period concluding July 2022.

The coordinated group plans to meet with DWR for a meet and confer on proposed revisions and a plan of action on April 6th prior to finalizing proposed revisions. Following this effort the Technical Group will convene again on May 6th to discuss the revisions. Stakeholders and members of the public are invited to join. Sign up for the North Kings GSA email list to receive meeting notice and details.

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