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Upper Aquifer Boundary Flow Study to Begin

The North Kings GSA is impacted by groundwater extractions occurring within neighboring GSAs. The Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) included an agreed upon quantity of boundary flow occurring but identified the need for further investigation to accurately quantify the boundary flows. 

As such, the North Kings GSA obtained a proposal/scope of work to complete the boundary flow study. The Upper Aquifer Boundary Flow Estimates Study is launching in July 2021 and will take place through October 2022. This study will include an evaluation of data gaps in the region, a request to gather the missing data, aquifer tests, and an estimate of upper aquifer boundary flows.

This study is a coordinated effort between Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group and Ken Schmidt and Associates and will allow the North Kings GSA to move forward with mitigation measures and continue to make informed groundwater management decisions. 

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