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Well Intake Portal continues development

The North Kings GSA Well Intake Portal development is making progress, bringing the agency closer to having a better idea of where all the wells are located within the boundary. In October 2022, the North Kings GSA Board approved the development of the Well Intake Portal to serve as a centralized location for information on active wells within the North Kings GSA boundary.  

The web-based portal will house information about wells including their location and depth, important data points for managing groundwater sustainability and estimating groundwater pumping demand on the aquifer.  

Being armed with this information will create clarity on how best to support stakeholders by informing where at-risk wells are located relative to areas experiencing groundwater level declines. The Groundwater Sustainability Plan, the roadmap to sustainability by 2040, accounts for dry periods and includes flexibility for groundwater level declines over time before balance is achieved. The Well Intake Portal will help the North Kings GSA better support its well owners impacted by these declines, especially during drought periods.  

The North Kings GSA is working with Break 9 to develop the portal; it is currently in the beta testing phase. The North Kings GSA is incorporating publicly available well information during this testing phase.

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