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Well Intake Portal development nearing completion

The North Kings GSA continues to make progress toward the development of the Well Intake Portal. The North Kings GSA is collaborating with app developer Break9 to develop this portal to establish a centralized location to house information on active wells throughout the North Kings GSA boundary.

Having concluded the internal beta testing phase, Break9 has implemented first round revisions and finished portal development. The next phase involves external beta testing, which is set to run from October to December. The external beta testing will help fine-tune the portal’s functionality and user-friendliness.

The Well Intake Portal rollout strategy will also be determined during the external beta testing phase. The North Kings GSA is working on the rollout strategy, including the timeline for its implementation, anticipated to begin after the start of the new year.

The Board approved the development of the Well Intake Portal October 2022. Having a centralized location to store well information will help the North Kings GSA evaluate impacts from declining groundwater levels, particularly during times of drought.

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