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2022 Annual Report reflects strong Kings Subbasin coordination to progress toward groundwater sustainability

The 2022 Annual Report submitted April 1 reflects a lowering groundwater table, but North Kings GSA remains hopeful for improving groundwater levels with a strongly coordinated Kings Subbasin.

Because of the recharge projects constructed within the Kings Subbasin, the seven GSAs are well positioned to capture water from the historic rainfall that took place in January and March 2023. The North Kings GSA anticipates that next year’s Annual Report will display improvements in groundwater levels from this year’s recharge efforts.

The Annual Report for the Kings Subbasin was submitted on the tails of the Department of Water Resources’ recommended approval of all Kings Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies’ (GSAs)  Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). The Kings Subbasin GSAs’ coordination helped earn GSP approvals from DWR, and these coordination efforts will remain in place as it uses this Annual Report to execute a sustainable groundwater future.

The Report gives insight to groundwater and surface water data in Water Year 2022. It is an important set of data to use in Kings Subbasin GSA coordination efforts when executing groundwater sustainability measures.

The Kings Subbasin GSAs include seven GSAs: North Kings, Central Kings, James, Kings River East, McMullin Area, North Fork Kings, and South Kings GSAs. These GSAs have coordinated the development of their GSPs and jointly prepared the Annual Report.

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