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Board approves Domestic Well Mitigation Policy and Rules and Regulations, North Kings GSA preparing for program launch

The North Kings GSA is making advancements toward a Well Mitigation Program, a coordinated effort between the seven Kings Subbasin GSAs in accordance with the Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). The program launch date is set to be October 1, 2024, to address the corrective actions required by the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) in its review of the GSPs, which requires mitigation efforts be in place prior to the resubmittal of the GSP in January 2025.

At the June 27 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously passed a Domestic Well Mitigation Program Policy (NKGSA Policy 2024-002) and approved the Kings Subbasin Domestic Well Mitigation Program Rules and Regulations.

The policy outlines the Board’s commitment to mitigate the impact on domestic wells (drinking water wells) affected by declining groundwater levels within the North Kings GSA in accordance with the Rules and Regulations formed by the Kings Subbasin GSAs and is the implementing force behind the Rules and Regulations.   

The approval of the Rules and Regulations is a significant step toward launching the Well Mitigation Program, as it outlines the eligibility criteria, process, and cost-sharing structure for those seeking support.

Although a highly coordinated effort between the Kings Subbasin GSAs, each GSA is responsible for funding the program implementation within their boundaries. The first year of the Well Mitigation Program in the North Kings GSA will be funded with dedicated domestic well mitigation program funds in the fiscal year 2024-25 budget, also approved by the Board at the June meeting.

The Kings Subbasin aims to implement the Well Mitigation Program before resubmitting its GSPs for the January 2025 update to DWR. The North Kings GSA and the other Kings Subbasin GSAs plan to launch the Well Mitigation Program on October 1.  More information on how to request assistance for impacted domestic wells will be provided in the near future.

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