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City of Fresno awarded grant from Department of Water Resources, set to receive $10.3 million for drought and flood projects

The Department of Water Resources (DWR), through the Urban Community Drought Relief Grant program, has awarded the City of Fresno, a North Kings GSA member agency, with $10.3 million for drought and flood projects.

Of the total amount granted, the City of Fresno was awarded $5.2 million to the City of Fresno Leaky Acres Groundwater Recharge Improvements Project, which will improve the existing Leaky Acres basin to maximize the capture of surface water deliveries. The improvements from this project will substantially increase recharge basin percolation rates and provide better operational efficiencies.

The remaining $5.1 million was awarded to the Fresno Expanded Lawn to Garden Rebate Program. With this award, the City will enhance its existing program by offering more enticing rebates for turf removal to garner greater customer interest and maximize the program’s impact on water conservation.

These initiatives by the City represent the dedication and efforts within the GSA to reduce groundwater overdraft and achieve sustainability under SGMA.

Learn more about DWR’s recent Urban Community Drought Relief Grant awards here.

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