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Growers: embrace flexibility in on-farm irrigation for smart water management

The North Kings GSA is working in cooperation with the Fresno Irrigation District (FID) to encourage growers to ensure their irrigation systems and practices are set up to avoid over irrigation and join water conservation efforts.

Growers are encouraged to:

  • be flexible with their irrigation practices.
  • use a combination of drip and flood irrigation methods to use available water effectively.
  • keep floodlines intact for use when extra surface water is available.
  • install and use drip irrigation for times when surface water is limited.

By maintaining both irrigation methods, growers:

  • increase water supply reliability between wet and dry years.
  • improve local groundwater levels.
  • contribute to local conservation efforts.
  • improve groundwater quality.
  • take a proactive approach for drought preparedness.

Learn more by downloading the Smart Water Management flyer for growers here.

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