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Kings Subbasin receives signed and approved $7.6 million DWR grant, now available to support incoming projects

The Kings Subbasin was awarded a $7.6 million DWR SGMA Implementation Grant to support several recharge basin projects in the pipeline that benefit growers, nearby domestic well owners, and community residents. The money will go directly toward project construction, advancing regional efforts to sustain the aquifer and become more drought resilient. The grant was awarded in the summer, but the agency now has a signed and approved contract.

North Kings GSA’s member agency Fresno Irrigation District will benefit from the grant to help fund the Carter-Bybee Basin, one of the projects planned for completion within the next three years.

The projects constructed with the grant money will increase groundwater supply in the Kings Subbasin by approximately 13,000 acre-feet in wet years through expanded recharge capabilities. Read more here about where the project funds will go.

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