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North Kings GSA Board Approves Updated Project List

The North Kings GSA Board of Directors unanimously approved an updated project list reflecting the call for projects from May through August 2022. The new list is available to view on the website and includes three new project submittals from Bakman Water Company for three new proposed recharge basins. Two additional project submittals were received from Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) for basin interties. The FMFCD projects require further review and will be considered in future updates to the project list

The Board approves an updated project list annually to reflect the latest progress toward groundwater sustainability. The project list is a living document, and the board is open to taking project submissions year-round.  The listed projects reflect commitments by NKGSA entities to mitigate for the groundwater pumping occurring within their boundaries.

The Fresno Irrigation District (FID) and North Kings GSA added the Savory Basin to the completed project list, and edited existing projects to specify names and locations now that property has been secured.

The projects proposed by Bakman Water Company will each add over 400 acre-feet of annual groundwater recharge capacity. Every acre-foot of additional storage capacity means the North Kings GSA service area will capture more surface water when it’s available to improve groundwater levels for all.

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