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North Kings GSA highlights industry professionals for California Water Professionals Appreciation Week

Kassy Chauhan, Executive Officer, North Kings GSA

It’s #CAWaterWeek and we’re celebrating our fearless leader, Kassy Chauhan, Executive Officer of the North Kings GSA. She takes on a diverse set of tasks to stay on track to achieve sustainable groundwater supplies by 2040. She loves serving the community and building relationships with the people of North Kings GSA.

“Whether it’s a local grower, community resident, or members from local organizations, I am always energized when I leave an opportunity to engage with someone. I truly believe that’s key to succeeding on this SGMA path,” she said.

One of her biggest challenges is creating small changes that have big impact on maneuvering the road to sustainability. She tackles these challenges by fostering relationships with stakeholders, building trust, and presenting information in an easy-to-understand way. She desires for everyone impacted to understand the “why” behind changes made.

“Collectively, small changes can have big results,” she said. “I believe in our stakeholders’ abilities to be adaptive and to rise to the challenge before us. I am committed to exploring all options and securing resources to help with change implementation.”

She said it’s rewarding to achieve the goals outlined in the North Kings GSA Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP), and while there are great challenges, it’s rewarding to create changes that help the Central Valley to thrive! Implementing SGMA and shepherding the GSA into a new era in California, she partners with stakeholders, colleagues, and agency partners to make it happen.

We are all in it together as a region, and it will take all of us understanding our current issues and contributing to solutions,” she said.

Kevin Mitchell, GIS Specialist, Fresno Irrigation District

North Kings GSA is on its way toward groundwater sustainability thanks to Fresno-born leaders like Kevin Mitchell, GIS Specialist for Fresno Irrigation District (FID).

Kevin provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for North Kings GSA, using computer software to analyze data and develop maps.

Although a GIS specialist, Kevin wears many hats and is an adaptable leader. During the summer, he worked on measuring the flow rate of the Fresno Canal.

Seeing where groundwater changes are impacting residents within the NKGSA allows us to better plan future policy,” said Mitchell.

FID and North Kings GSA work closely together to ensure local hands remain in control of bringing our groundwater supply into balance. Mapping unseen elements like groundwater is challenging but being born and raised in Fresno makes Kevin’s role rewarding, as he gets to contribute to its long-term groundwater sustainability.

Chris Lundeen, Engineering Technician, FID

North Kings GSA depends on engineers like Chris to monitor groundwater, for today’s growers and for the next generation. He monitors network wells on a semi-annual basis and reports data back to North Kings GSA. He also troubleshoots groundwater monitoring issues and researches future technology for remote groundwater monitoring within the North Kings GSA.

The groundwater data is used and analyzed by the North Kings GSA to establish a basis for the maintenance of groundwater levels for continued use by farmers, cities, residents, and future generations within the agency,” he said.

It’s not easy consistently providing high quality and accurate data year after year, but it’s the most rewarding part of the job. He consistently provides good data and management and does it all with a willing and helpful spirit!

Shay Overton, Senior Geologist, Hydrogeologist, Provost & Pritchard

For #CAWaterWeek, we’re recognizing Shay Overton, Senior Geologist and Hydrogeologist at Provost & Pritchard. Making sense of available well data is hard work, but Shay is a committed and hardworking leader in the efforts. He’s a lifelong learner and loves to pass his education on to the next generation.

I’m a student always, and the learning process will never end,” he said.

Working as a hydrogeologist means dealing with the distribution and movement of groundwater in different types of soil. Shay works hard to understand the condition of groundwater flows at the North Kings GSA boundaries. He measures and analyzes groundwater levels to assess how those levels change over time. The complexity of data is challenging to make sense of, but it’s also the most rewarding part of his role.

He has been in the industry for nearly two decades and carries a background of gathering surface water elevation data. The landscape of groundwater needs has caused water professionals like Shay to create innovative solutions to what appear to be unsolvable problems. He continues to develop the hydrogeologic setting in the Central Valley, and assess where projects will best benefit the North Kings GSA.

Darylyn Tachella, Associate Geologist, Hydrogeologist, Provost & Pritchard

The North Kings GSA is armed with the data it needs to make critical decisions with the help of geologists like Darylyn! She works with North Kings GSA on its groundwater well monitoring network, ensuring there is construction information for the wells.

Darylyn does this by locating Well Completion Reports, or, when information is missing or unavailable, she crafts videos of the well casings to properly document the construction details of the well. She loves checking wells off the list once their information has been accounted for.

She works directly with landowners to secure access to wells so the North Kings GSA can continue to gather the critical data that drives its decision-making. While it’s challenging to coordinate and work around irrigation schedules, it’s also rewarding work.

The reward is crossing wells off the list for the GSA and helping build a relationship between landowners and the GSA,” she said.

Becca Quist, External Affairs Specialist | Breanna Hardy, External Affairs Specialist, Provost & Pritchard

Groundwater Sustainability Plan implementation couldn’t be successful without spreading the word! For #CAWaterWeek, we’re highlighting Becca Quist and Breanna Hardy, External Affairs Specialists at Provost & Pritchard.

Becca is one of our communications extraordinaire, serving the North Kings GSA and its stakeholders with clarity, passion, and creativity! Becca wears many hats and does it all with a smile. Thanks to her, all the board meeting updates, media content, and timely updates about groundwater sustainability are put forth with stakeholders in mind.

Breanna brings a gift and passion for storytelling to the North Kings GSA’s communications team. A newer addition to the team, Breanna hit the ground running and has already left her mark! She was instrumental in starting the Grower’s Corner, a guest editorial series that highlights personal stories, water management approaches, and more from growers around the North Kings GSA area.  

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