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North Kings GSA partners with Kings Subbasin GSAs to host webinar for schools

The North Kings GSA Board partnered with four Kings Subbasin GSAs to host a webinar on April 20th for school water operators, facilities managers, and other interested parties.

Participants were given the opportunity to learn about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, heard from Kings Subbasin GSA leads on local groundwater management, and learned from Fresno-area landscaping expert Scott Miller, owner of Gazebo Gardens, Miller Landscaping, and the Fresno Chamber of Commerce CEO. Missed the webinar? You can watch it on YouTube here

MORE FOR SCHOOLS: The School Facilities/Water Operations Groundwater Guide includes water conservation and landscaping tips, as well as a checklist to help school sites anticipate any issues that may arise with their well over the SGMA implementation timeline.

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