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North Kings GSA seeking another round of DWR’s SGMA Implementation Grant funds

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) recently announced availability of a second round of SGMA Implementation Grant funds. This round of funding provides $200 million made available from California’s General Fund and Proposition 68.   

The North Kings GSA will submit an application on behalf of two of its member agencies, City of Fresno and Bakman Water Company prior to the grant application deadline on December 16, 2022. None of the other Kings Subbasin GSAs are submitting projects in this round of grant funding.

Applicants must be located within eligible high and medium priority groundwater basins, including critically overdrafted basins. The Kings Subbasin is designated under SGMA as a high-priority, critically overdrafted basin, making the North Kings GSA a suitable candidate to receive grant funds for projects to collectively benefit the local growers and community residents relying on groundwater in the region. 

The Kings Subbasin received a $7.6 million grant in the summer of 2022 and $4.8 million in 2021 from the same program for groundwater recharge project construction, totaling $12.4 million in support for local drought resiliency efforts.

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