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North Kings GSA SGMA implementation projects underway

The North Kings GSA is excited to share the ongoing progress of our member agencies in their SGMA implementation projects.

The Fresno Irrigation District (FID) is in the process of installing permanent interconnections from the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) basins. Additionally, FID has begun constructing the Kenneson-Sanchez Basin. Currently, earthwork is underway before advancing to the next phase of construction.

The Pinedale County Water District is collaborating with FMFCD on Basin DH. Through a water supply agreement with FID, Pinedale County Water District will be able to recharge water into the basin.

The City of Kerman has started on its Lions Park Intertie and Meter installation project. All project components have been ordered and are currently awaiting delivery. Once installed, the City of Kerman will be able to measure the amount of water routed to the Lions Park reservoir for groundwater recharge and to reach sustainability.

Biola CSD is working with FID to construct its Biola Groundwater Recharge Basin project. Recently, a turnout was installed from the FID Herndon Canal, and will deliver surface water to a Biola storm drain basin. Upon completion, the basin will be able to store up to 30 acre-feet of water for groundwater recharge.

Malaga County Water District is collaborating with FMFCD on the construction of an intertie to an existing FMFCD basin. Through a water supply agreement with FID, the project will allow for the delivery of surface water for recharge into the basin.

The member agencies of the North Kings GSA are diligently advancing their SGMA implementation projects, largely through collaborative projects. Collaboration between member agencies is necessary for achieving groundwater sustainability. Their dedication to these projects highlights their commitment to driving the North Kings GSA closer to its groundwater sustainability goals.

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