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Partial Funding for North Kings GSA Project Included in $7.6 Million Spending Plan

The Kings Subbasin Coordination Group is submitting a $7.6 million spending plan to the Department of Water Resources for Prop 86 Sustainable Groundwater Management Implementation Grant Funds for four groundwater sustainability projects located throughout the Kings Subbasin. Project proponents include Consolidated Irrigation District, James Irrigation District, Laguna Irrigation District, and Fresno Irrigation District. The Fresno Irrigation District Bybee Recharge Project, located within the North Kings GSA boundaries, will be receiving partial funding. All four projects were agreed upon for inclusion in the spending plan by the Kings Subbasin Coordination group that is represented by all seven Groundwater Sustainability Agencies.

It is anticipated that the Coordination Group will hear back regarding their application from the Department of Water Resources in May or June.  Each critically overdrafted basin throughout the state is slated to receive $7.6M in this round of funding.

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