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Record snow water content maximizes surface water available for groundwater recharge

The latest report on current water conditions shows a record Southern Sierra snowpack due to strong January and March storms. Currently, the snow water content hovers at 291% of average. By contrast, the snow water content this time last year was 25% of average. This year’s record snowpack tops the previous record-breaking 1968-1969 year, which was 258% of average.

The North Kings GSA, in partnership with its member agency Fresno Irrigation District (FID), is taking advantage of groundwater recharge opportunities while historic surface water is available. The North Kings GSA and FID encourage growers to irrigate with surface water rather than groundwater as much as possible to allow the aquifer to recover from the latest drought. Since early 2023, growers have also been encouraged to practice on-farm recharge.

FID growers will have the opportunity to take surface water through late fall during the water run. In addition to growers performing on-farm recharge on their own farms, the North Kings GSA is continuing to coordinate with its member agencies on completing more recharge projects, which increase water storage and recharge capacity during wet years like this one. 

FID has 35 recharge basins — nearly 900 acres — with a combined recharge capacity of 18,000 acre-feet per month. During this wet year, FID is focusing on groundwater recharge efforts while the water is available. Recharge basin projects continue to provide water storage and position the North Kings GSA to capture the most water possible for a sustainable groundwater future.

The Department of Water Resources is responding to flooding by partnering with agencies like FID to provide pumps. This both diverts flood flows to help at-risk communities, and accomplishes groundwater recharge

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