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SGMA Implementation Projects underway, North Kings GSA preparing for 2024 call for projects

The North Kings GSA and its member agencies are making significant strides on their Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation projects.

North Kings GSA relies on its member agencies to develop groundwater recharge projects to support efforts to meet the groundwater sustainability goals outlined in its Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP).

Great progress has been made in the last several months to increase groundwater recharge capacity within the area. The Fresno Irrigation District (FID) completed construction on its new 47-acre Kenneson & Sanchez Recharge Basins (pictured above) in Spring 2024. Additionally, Biola Community Services District partnered with FID to install a turnout from FID’s Herndon Canal to deliver surface water to a 6-acre storm drain basin in the small community of Biola.

Projects nearing completion by other GSA members include Bakman Water Company (new recharge basin), Malaga County Water District (CWD), Pinedale CWD, City of Kerman, and coordinated efforts between the North Kings GSA and Fresno State University.

Every year, the North Kings GSA issues a solicitation to its member agencies encouraging them to identify additional projects for inclusion on its project list. This list includes projects that are completed, in progress, or planned aimed at meeting their groundwater overdraft mitigation targets. Collaboration between the North Kings GSA and its member agencies on groundwater recharge projects is crucial for continuing the path toward sustainability.

A call for projects for 2024 will be announced soon to update the project list before the January 2025 GSP update. A current project list for the North Kings GSA demonstrates progress towards and its commitment to meet its sustainability goals.  

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