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State partners with Fresno Irrigation District on flood response, providing pumps and siphons to help divert water for groundwater recharge

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) partnered with North Kings GSA member agency Fresno Irrigation District (FID) on its Temporary Flood Diversion Equipment and Groundwater Recharge program to reduce flood risk for Central Valley communities by diverting flood flows into groundwater recharge basins. As part of the program, DWR provided funding and deployment of temporary pumps and siphons to FID on April 25th.

DWR partners with Fresno Irrigation District for groundwater recharge

FID is using the pumps to divert Kings River flows into its network of groundwater recharge basins and onto agricultural lands for on-farm recharge.

Learn more on DWR’s website: Putting Flood Waters to Work: State Expedites Efforts to Maximize Groundwater Recharge

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