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Well Mitigation Program begins to take shape as Kings Subbasin internally reviews first full draft

The seven Kings Subbasin GSAs including North Kings are making advancements on a domestic Well Mitigation Program, a key component of the corrective actions outlined in the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) approval determination letter from the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The Well Mitigation Program aims to effectively address impacts to domestic wells (drinking water wells) resulting from groundwater overdraft. This program includes establishing a funding mechanism to support shallow wells that experience negative impacts from lowering groundwater levels, ensuring the North Kings GSA responds to groundwater level decline impacts deemed “significant and unreasonable” by the CA DWR.

The development of the Well Mitigation Program is a highly coordinated effort between the North Kings GSA and the six other GSAs in the Kings Subbasin. As a unified initiative, the Kings Subbasin is working to establish a program with a consistent framework, or plan, across all seven GSAs.

At the latest coordination meeting, representatives from each GSA examined the initial complete draft of the Well Mitigation Plan (Plan), laying the groundwork for reviews within each GSAs’ internal processes. Currently, the North Kings GSA is in the process of reviewing the draft Plan, with the Board set to review and provide comments next before sending to the Technical Workgroup for further refinement. The Kings Subbasin will reconvene periodically to discuss potential revisions and further the development of the Plan.

The Kings Subbasin is actively working to implement the Well Mitigation Program before the resubmission of its GSPs for the 2025 update to maintain its approval status. The SGMA law requires the GSP is updated and resubmitted every 5 years.

Additionally, efforts are underway to address all 12 corrective actions before the 2025 update. Addressing these actions is crucial as it highlights the Kings Subbasin’s ongoing commitment to achieving sustainability goals through the effective implementation of their GSPs.

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