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The North Kings GSA has initiated a well registration effort, and is asking its landowners to register their agricultural/production and domestic wells using a new online Well Registration Portal.

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Well registration serves as a valuable tool for achieving groundwater sustainability in the region by providing the North Kings GSA with data necessary to effectively manage the groundwater supply.

While the approval of the North Kings GSA’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) marked a significant milestone in keeping local control over groundwater management, the approval was conditional on the grounds that a plan be in motion to address data gaps by the next key SGMA deadline – the January 2025 GSP update. Well registration is an important step to help address these data gaps.

Register Your Wells

The North Kings GSA developed an online portal for landowners to register their wells.

Who Should Participate in Well Registration?

All landowners with a well located within the North Kings GSA should register. This includes but is not limited to agricultural production wells, industrial wells, and domestic wells (drinking water wells).

By participating in well registration, landowners are actively contributing to efforts to keep local control over groundwater management, and are supporting ongoing efforts to balance the area’s groundwater supply for future generations.

Not sure if your property falls within the North Kings GSA boundaries?

Use the CA Department of Water Resources’ GSA Map Viewer to determine if your property is located within the GSA.

Why Well Registration?


Initiating well registration helps meet State requirements to address data gaps identified by the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) in its review of the North Kings GSA’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The North Kings GSA must address these data gaps to maintain DWR’s approval of its GSP and keep control over groundwater resources. Landowner participation in this process is crucial for addressing data gaps and keeping groundwater management in local hands.

Well registration also provides the North Kings GSA with the information it needs to adequately plan for its new domestic well mitigation program. This program provides a pathway for households whose drinking water wells are impacted by declining groundwater levels to receive assistance for a replacement well or other interim water supplies. Registering a domestic well is a requirement to receive financial support from the North Kings GSA under the new domestic well mitigation program.


The North Kings GSA will also use the data from Well Registration to support the long-term sustainable management of groundwater by improving its understanding of groundwater flows. This is an important piece that connects all the other activities and projects being undertaken to reach targets for groundwater sustainability by 2040.

Key Milestones

January 2020

North Kings GSA submits its Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to the CA Department of Water Resources

January 2022

DWR issues an incomplete determination and provides comments following 2-year GSP review period

July 2022

North Kings GSA addresses DWR’s comments and resubmits revised GSP

October 2022

Advisory Committee and Board of Directors recommend and approve contract for development of a well intake portal

August 2023

North Kings GSA receives official approval determination from DWR, with corrective actions including requirement to fill data gaps in the 2025 GSP Update

Fall 2023/Winter 2024

North Kings GSA management engages stakeholders for Well Registration Portal beta testing

Winter 2024

Well Registration Portal undergoes changes based on beta testing stakeholder feedback

March 2024

Finalize and launch Well Registration Portal for landowners to register wells with the North Kings GSA

March 2024 – January 2025

Implement strategies, including well registration, that will address data gaps

January 2025

North Kings GSA addresses corrective actions in the 5-year GSP update

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